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PVMA Jul 08. Case Study (Trinket): Dietary Therapy

3yr old FS Yorkshire Terrier
An example of the right diet as a key to therapeutic success.

History: Trinket was seen by an internist in mid-February 2008 for lifelong inappetance, intermittent vomiting and diarrhea, and recurrent hematemesis and hematochezia. Bloodwork was normal except for a high post SBA of 113.Surgical Bx of liver = mild portal arteriolar reduplication and mild vacuolar hepatopathy; intestines = lymphoplasmacytic and eosinophilic enteritis with lymphangectasia. Medications included pepcid, prednisone, metronidazole, and amoxicillin. A hypoallergenic diet was recommended once Trinket’s appetite improved. (Her regular diet was highly variable due to an extremely finicky appetite.)

TrinketTrinket presented for her first naturopathic consult on 2/25/08. She weighed 5.30 pounds with a BCS of 4/9. She was still on pepcid, and had just finished her other medications. She had not eaten anything for three days, and was prone to vomiting episodes following her hunger strikes (usually green bile at night after bedtime, or in the early morning). Her last bout of colitis occurred two weeks prior. The client wished to avoid more steroids, and was reluctant to try a hypoallergenic diet due to Trinket’s very finicky appetite. Treatment began with acupressure (since she was too sensitive for needling) and sound therapy (the use of specialized tuning forks on the acupoints); this was repeated at each visit. Prescriptions included two complementary homeopathic remedies (based on her symptoms and personality), and two Western herbal formulas (one to cleanse and support liver function, the other to soothe the lining of her g.i. tract). On recheck 3/3/08 the client reported improved appetite (including vegetables which she hadn’t wanted in awhile) and normal stool; she had vomited three times after her hunger strike. On 3/10/08 she weighed 5.91 pounds; her appetite was depressed again but there had been no vomiting. A phone call 3/13/08 revealed that her appetite had improved but not to normal; the client agreed to try Fish & Sweet Potato. On 3/24/08 Trinket weighed 6.38 pounds (normal BCS); the client reported that Trinket loved the new diet (not yet strict), and had a great appetite and much more energy. On 4/21/08 the client said she stopped the homeopathics after the last visit, and Trinket had vomited three times in the last two weeks but was still eating well; she renewed the remedies. On 5/12/08 the client reported one episode of vomiting and one day of soft stool since the last visit; Trinket weighed 6.65 pounds. A phone call 6/12/08 revealed that since the last visit Trinket has had a great appetite, no vomiting, normal stool, and good energy. Fish & Sweet Potato was truly important in restoring Trinket’s appetite and vitality.

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