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PVMA Dec 08. Case Study (Freddy): Ginsing

14yr old MN Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Yunnan Baiyao for nasal squamous cell carcinoma.

History: Freddy’s skull was radiographed on 1/3/08 after a few weeks of prolonged sneezing with nasal congestion, and palpation of a bony distortion medial to his right eye; films showed mild soft tissue opacification of the caudal aspect of his nasal cavities and frontal sinuses. On 1/17/08 rhinoscopy showed mild erythema of the caudal nasal mucosa bilaterally, and a bony distortion in the right caudal nasal cavity. Multiple biopsies revealed squamous cell carcinoma (a highly locally invasive and destructive neoplasm). Treatment options included radiation, chemotherapy, or piroxicam. Palliative piroxicam was chosen.

FreddyFreddy’s person, Dr. Michelle Lawson (my colleague at work), already knew about Yunnan Baiyao (discussed in last month’s article on ginseng) from acupuncture courses we attended together. She gave Freddy one of the highly potent red pellets of Yunnan Baiyao after his biopsies, followed by 1 capsule twice daily thereafter. She was told to expect possible sneezing of blood clots or intermittent bloody nasal discharge for 24-36 hours post-biopsy; none of this occurred. About a week after his diagnosis, Freddy was also started on Hoxsey Formula (a Western anti-cancer herbal formula), and Artemisinin (an extract of the herb Artemisia annua, known historically as an anti-malarial herb but researched in recent years for its ability to cause oxidative destruction of cancer cells selectively by reacting with their high iron content). Freddy was also on glucosamine for arthritis.

Freddy had an excellent quality of life for the next several months, and had no nosebleeds until June (which were then controlled with as-needed dosing of the concentrated Yunnan Baiyao red

pellet). He was euthanized in August after his nosebleeds became increasingly frequent and his quality of life had declined.

* In this case, it is difficult to say whether the Hoxsey and Artemisinin provided any benefit in extending Freddy’s quality of life, but it seems clear that the Yunnan Baiyao played a significant role. It not only prevented anticipated nosebleeds from happening, but it also reduced the frequency and severity of those that did occur. Yunnan Baiyao may be given alongside other aspects of cancer therapy. It is available in the Northwest, sold as Yunnan Paiyao, at Uwajimaya asian food markets (with locations in Beaverton, Bellevue, and Seattle) and many other asian markets and pharmacies, as well as online.

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