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PVMA Apr 08. Case Study (Sophie): Neutraceuticals

Sophie Hogan
11yr old FS Bouvier des Flandres
Urinary incontinence not adequately controlled by PPA.

History: Sophie presented on 11/18/03 for chronic urinary incontinence. Her unpredictable accidents were only controlled by 100mg of PPA twice daily (she weighed 63 pounds then) and the client wished to use less, but anything under that dose was ineffective. After starting a nutraceutical called Resources Incontinence Support (described below) the client was able to reduce Sophie’s PPA dose to 50mg twice daily and still achieve full bladder control. On 2/1/07 her incontinence returned (as she had gained weight over the years) but an increase in her nutraceutical dose from 2 tabs BID to 3 tabs BID restored control without having to increase her PPA dose.

sophie-hoganResources Incontinence Support is a nutraceutical made by Genesis Ltd. (available through Butler). The product label’s structure/function claim is: supports normal healthy bladder control and normal urination. Ingredients include plant and animal sources that provide estrogenic support as well as compounds to help in the event of cystitis.

Wild Yam Root - although it neither contains nor is converted to progesterone, its saponins and other compounds behave as phytoestrogens; it also calms muscular spasms, stimulates bile flow, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Bee Pollen - like other bee products it has anti-microbial and immune-strengthening properties which may help when incontinence is aggravated by infection; it’s vitamin C content also assists treatment of infection and alkaline urine.

Rehmannia - endocrine studies show this Chinese herbal kidney tonic enhances renal function and increases estradiol levels in female animals and testosterone in male ones.

Angelica sinensis - also known as Dong Gui, this Chinese herb has phytoestrogen and anti-inflammatory properties; it also helps to improve blood flow to internal organs.

Psoralea - this Chinese herb is traditionally used when nocturnal urination is a symptom; it is another kidney tonic and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Licorice - another herb having phytoestrogen and anti-inflammatory properties, it is widely used in Chinese medicine as a tonic and to harmonize the actions of other herbs.

Glandalai - beef ovaries provide natural estrogens and other supportive compounds.

Genesis Ltd. is a founding member of the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council, an independent standards setting organization for the veterinary nutraceutical industry). Their website is genesisvets.com. and their formulations are designed by Ihor Basko DVM. Genesis maintains an adverse event reporting system (including transient and temporary events), and has successfully completed a voluntary facility inspection by the FDA. (I have no vested interest in the company; it's just a good example of an extremely responsible manufacturer.) Genesis sells only to veterinarians.

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